What Women Really Want

What Women Really Want!


What Women Really Want!

The only difference between a man and a woman should be the gender and nothing else. A woman wants everything that is required by a man in society to survive. Little advanced things also to live happily. So, this blog has a list of some basic things that women really want


1. To be believed in more: All women want appreciation. They don’t want to be held back. They should be treated equally be it in the professional field or personal field. They want their parents and people around them not to stop them from doing something they love.


2. Respect, especially from family: One thing that is missing in our society is in-house respect and it shouldn’t be confused with love. She might be successful but respect misses within the four walls of her home. They might have earned respect outside the world but inside the home, the respect is still lacking.


3. Trust is a must: Women want to be trusted everywhere and in every situation. She being trusted will enhance her confidence so that she can conduct herself better in the outside world


4. Equal Responsibility: Women want men to take equal responsibility. They want men to be an all-rounder just like them. They should contribute to household chores, it shouldn’t just be considered as women’s job. For piles of laundry, both can take rest as UClean is here to help you with all your laundry issues


5. A space of their own: Women require their own space not physically but space where she can think out of the box, do what she loves, where she is not judged, where she can just be herself


6. The right to choose and take a decision: They should be free to fly in the male-dominated society we have. From childhood, they are treated like first ask a male member of your family and then take a decision. Well, can’t women take a decision on their own? They should be fully given the right to choose what they want to do

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