Tips To Wash Your Dirty Gym Clothes

Tips To Wash Your Dirty Gym Clothes


Tips To Wash Your Dirty Gym Clothes

Gym freaks must be knowing that your gym clothes need special cleaning care. For the complete care of your gym clothes here we have few tips which will help you to look and feel fresh while gyming. Here are few tricks you probably didn’t know about washing your gym wears. 


Let The Clothes Breath Before Washing


After workout never throw away your clothes immediately for the wash. Letting them air out before washing will be much easier. Take your dirty clothes out and dry out to make the odours out at the laundry time a breeze.


Pre-Soaking In Vinegar


A little bit of vinegar could be very effective for your gym wears. Just soak your clothes in half cup white vinegar mixed with cold water for at least an hour before washing. This help to remove the unpleasant odour and sweat stains from the clothes.


Wash Gym Wears In Cold Water


Cold water is more effective for your gym wears. Extreme heat can actually break down the elasticity of stretchy textiles, like the material of your yoga pants and running shorts, leading to shrinkage and a shorter lifespan for your clothes.


Don’t Machine Dry Them


Just like warm water hot air can also hamper your gym wears. Instead of drying the clothes in the heat dryer consider them drying in the open air or at least use the lowest possible heat settling.


Wash Inside Out


The most common way of washing clothes to prevent them from damage is washing them inside out.  Considering that the inside of your clothes is where all the gross body bacteria accumulates turning your workout gear inside-out before washing will give them a more direct and thorough clean.


Use A Special Sports Detergent


There are specific laundry detergents which are used to clean the gym wears only. They are specially formulated with natural odor fighters to deep clean moisture wicking fabrics and synthetic materials, detergents and attack the bacteria that grows on your gym clothes directly—removing the true source of bad odors head-on

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