Stay Fresh Through The Summer With UClean

Stay Fresh Through The Summer With UClean


Stay Fresh Through The Summer With UClean

Popsicles, Ice creams, shorter shorts, and longer days, summer has truly begun.


With sunlight streaming in every corner, brace yourselves for the heat, or better yet, beat the heat with these simple tips to stay fresh through the day.


Success is a great deodorant!


Smelling good works like gravity. Rather than defining the why, make the statement or just end the sentence and create a new one. you can be the core of attraction because your vibes attract your tribe. It’s difficult to stay fresh during summers, but before you get the summer blues, we have a solution for you. Sweating and body odor are very common during the sweltering heat of summer but you can combat it easily. Use a fragrant body mist, perfume, or deodorant right after the shower and you are good to go. Carrying one with you and reapplying whenever you feel the need is always a plus.


Laundry today or awkwardness tomorrow.


Fashion is an expression of your style and the world is your runway. To feel fresh inside out, make sure you’re wearing clean crisp attire. Regularly washing your clothes is necessary for maintaining hygiene and a put together appearance.


When in doubt, have a shower


A shower a day keeps the dirt away. It exfoliates your skin and cleans away the dirt and sweat, making you feel FRESH through the day. The soothing feeling after a shower is truly incomparable. Ending your shower with cold water will help close the pores of your skin.


For every ailing foot, there is a slipper


Just be sure about the correct size, rest will be alright. It’s really comfortable to just slip into slippers. This ensures that there is no excessive sweating and discomfort through the day. Fully covered footwear might look pleasing but one’s comfort should never be compromised.


Comfort lies in loose t-shirts and shorts


Home is wherever you feel secure and truly comfortable in your skin.

Plus wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts never goes out of trend. Comfortable clothing will help your skin to breathe and the sweat to dry up quickly. No sweat means no discomfort and no discomfort leads to true comfort.


This summer, stay fresh and fun under the sun. And don’t forget to use sunblock!

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