7 New Year Mini-Resolutions That Should Be On Your List

Seven New Year Mini Resolutions That Should Be On Your List!


Seven New Year Mini Resolutions That Should Be On Your List!

It is finally that time of the year when you ponder about your past and also plan on ways you can improve yourself in the coming year. It’s the time for self-improvement and committing yourself to New Year Resolutions. Have you ever thought what others might be having on their resolution list? Well, here are 7 mini- resolutions that we think should be on your list.


1. Improving your fitness


Doing exercise regularly has a lot of health benefits but an improved fitness will reduce risks of disease and improve your mood. Be it a jog every morning or joining a gym, fitness should be your priority in the next year.


2. Eat a healthy diet


There’s no better fit body if there is no healthy diet. A combination of a healthy diet and regular fitness is something that should be your goal in 2019. Cut in junk food and add more farm- fresh and wholesome foods.


3. Learn something new


This New Year should be about learning something new like picking up a new hobby or learning a new language.


4. Get More Sleep


Was 2018 all about tired of being tired? So, 2019 should be all about a good sleep for better metabolism and concentration.


5. Travel More


Take out time from your busy schedule and travel and explore new places, meet new people. Visit stunning places, experience diverse cultures, discover new cuisines. Make 2019 the year you’ll see the world.


6. Enjoy your weekends


Weekends should be all about chilling and meeting up your friends. Don’t waste your weekends on washing huge piles of clothes.

Tip: Get them UCleaned ;) You’ll not only be able to enjoy your weekends, but your chores will also be taken care of.


7. Be helpful to people


2019 should all be about helping the ones in need. This will be a self-less resolution. You can help the kids in your local areas or sign up in an NGO as a volunteer for help.

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