Problems faced during laundry at home

Problems faced during laundry at home


Problems faced during laundry at home

Let’s be honest, laundry is not our favorite weekend activity. Most of us don’t have the first clue about the detergents to use, how to separate delicates with other fabrics and how to avoid ending up with a screwed wardrobe. It’s difficult to motivate yourself to do laundry in the first place, but when you do, this is how it usually goes:


Step 1: After running out of clean clothes to wear, you finally decide to take your load and do your laundry.


Step 2: Some of us own a washing machine; others do not have that luxury and have to wash clothes by hand. Not only is it time and energy consuming, the results are often not satisfactory. The stains are still there, the dirt is not completely removed and the next thing you know, you’re in a tide ad. Shocked?


The lucky ones who do own a washing machine, it’s not an easy life as well. No one really knows what all those buttons do. Most of us just push the start button and hope for the best.


Step 4: After a long day of work, you now need to sort your clothes according to color. White cannot be mixed with any other color unless you want all your clothes to match. A little mistake can cost you a big wardrobe disaster.


Step 5: One crucial step which everyone forgets about is material segregation. Mixing hard fabrics like denim with your delicate lace and undergarments can lead to damage. That would result in another shopping trip. If we had that much money, we wouldn’t be doing laundry in the first place. Selecting the detergent can be confusing. Too much or too little of one product can not only cause cloth damage but also lead to rashes.


Step 6: In india, the most common sight is cow-dung and undies on a balcony. It’s not very appealing to see what delicates your neighbor aunty wears.


Step 7: Ironing and dry cleaning. Some of us iron at home and end up with burnmarks, others are left with the tedious job of dropping the picking up the laundry. And if you lose the receipt, might as well say goodbye to the particular load.


And voila, this is the sad cycle everyone goes through. However, with the advancement of technology, UClean is India's first organized chain of laundry and home cleaning stores. Fostering on the DIY culture, they offer various services suiting to the needs of the customers. With trained employees, they understand the nature of your clothes and clean them with proper care. With Uclean, you do not have to worry about fading colors or tearing of your clothes. You also don’t have to worry about your clothes falling on the ground while drying and getting dirty again. They also have ironing and dry-cleaning facilities and offer pick and drop services for busy costumers. It’s not too bad on the pocket as well. All in all, your laundry is not your headache anymore, its UClean's. In their own words, they love laundry! Download the App here and book your first laundry to see your world change!

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