Organise Your Closet With These Simple Steps

Organise Your Closet With These Simple Steps


Organise Your Closet With These Simple Steps

Are you tired of organizing your closet? It is a quite laborious task to maintain your wardrobe when you have a busy schedule.  Nowadays usually people just throw away their clothes and then struggle the next morning to find the other pair of clothes. To avoid this fight between your clothes in the wardrobe just take out few hours from your hectic schedule and organize it. If you are confused about where to start then we are here to help you. Just follow these simple steps while maintaining your wardrobe-


Take Everything Out


Before starting anything you need to first take out everything from your wardrobe. This might sound scary but once you have to take out all the stuff to separate them according to your requirements. You are going through deep cleaning, so no half efforts.


Separate The Clothes According To Seasons


While keeping your clothes back into the cupboard sort them out according to the seasons. Like, keep all the woolen clothes separately and safely. Keep the most used clothes above and other ones inside. This will sort your clothing so you have quickly categorized each piece and your closet is empty.


Create A Separate Area 


While arranging the clothes the confusion arises is what to keep and what to throw away in the trash. Once you start deciding what to keep and what to throw you need a separate dedicated area. 


Ask These Few Questions


While separating the clothes ask yourself these few questions

  • Does it fix?

  • Is it in good condition?

  • Have I worn it recently?

  • Do I feel confident when I wear it?

  • Does it represent me well?


Put Everything Back In Your Closet


Now comes the final step to keep your clothes back in the wardrobe. Arrange the clothes as decided. There are four ways of arranging the clothes-

  • Organise the clothes according to the season

  • Organise the clothes according to your clothing

  • Keep work and casual clothes separately

  • Separate them how often you wear 


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