Make the most out of this Monsoon: #LetsGetDirty with UClean

Make the most out of this Monsoon: #LetsGetDirty with UClean


Make the most out of this Monsoon: #LetsGetDirty with UClean

Growing up, rainy season was everyone’s favorite. It was fun to get a mid-day shower in the sudden downpour. Jumping in puddles, dancing in the rain, splashing water on the street, we enjoyed the weather as a carefree kid. As adults, our appearance acts as a visual resume. It is crucial to keep them clean and in their best condition. Most of our day goes in worrying about our appearances and we often lose touch with that goofy and silly inner child in us.


Cleaning in the rainy season is not easy. Mud splashes are a nightmare; a little dirt can ruin your cloth and the stain can leave a mark. Doing laundry during monsoon becomes burdensome. The moist weather makes drying clothes a difficult task. They take double the normal time to dry. It is hard to ignore the damp smell of clothes, perfumes only make it worse. If you live in a cramped apartment, there are already no places outside and drying clothes inside becomes a hassle. Furthermore, the risk of fungus and other bacteria increases at this time.


Here’s a quick way to solve these problems. UClean, India’s fastest growing laundry chain, brings 20% Off throughout Monsoons, on all your dirty and muddy clothes over 10 Kgs (with a maximum discount of Rs. 500). With its pick and drop services, get clean clothes according to your comfort. Their trained staff expertise in the removal of dirt stains and water marks.


The clothes are cleaned by professionals who understand the requirements of different kinds of materials and how to wash & dry clean them. With its efficiency and consistency of work, Uclean serves according to the schedule and convenience of the client. In the unpredictable season of monsoon, UClean offers special discounts on its services. Book your Order now from our website


Don’t be afraid to walk in the street and no longer compromise in doing laundry. #LetsGetDirty

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