Like a boss, or liked by a boss?

Like a boss, or liked by a boss?


Like a boss, or liked by a boss?

Making a good impression on your boss is a very important thing, as we all know. A good impression will help you in standing out from the other employees and for all the right possible reasons. Good impressions will make your boss realize you can be relied on and trusted upon so, they can start giving you greater responsibilities. This can lead you to further promotions and raises. All this can be done if you keep the following things in mind:


1.    Follow proper workplace etiquettes


Following proper office etiquette will help you in making a good impression on your boss. For example, there are companies that allow using a phone at work and some strictly don’t. For the ones that allow using phones expect the phones not to be a distraction at work. Making and receiving calls at work should be less and personal calls should be avoided. When going for meetings with clients or lunch/dinner with your co-workers always be in your best behavior.


2.    Face up your mistakes


Making a mistake at work is common. No matter how hard you try to avoid, there are times when you make a mistake. In such case, admit your mistake and don’t ignore it and also don’t blame anyone else. Take full responsibility for the mistake and also suggest ways to fix it.


3.    Initiate help  in the crisis


When there is an unexpected crisis at work and the employer is panicking, be the one to jump into the crisis and be of help in an effective and efficient way. By doing this, you can make a good impression.


4.    Don’t discuss things that can make others uncomfortable


An employee working together harmoniously and peacefully is one thing that the bosses always want from their employees. Therefore, avoid conversations on topics that might make people uncomfortable and can even lead to arguments on religion or politics.


5.    Dress Appropriately


Always follow the dress code of the organization. Some organizations want their employees to still wear suits and some want them to have a neat and fine appearance. Clothes you wear to the office should be properly washed and ironed. If you don’t get time from your busy work schedule, you can always schedule a pick and drop service of your dirty clothes from laundry services like UClean that are available across the country.


6.    Respect your co-workers


If there is respect among the co-workers, they usually tend to get along better. Be always on time if you have people working under you or reporting you. Never take credit for other person’s work, in fact, try sharing the workload. Never offend your co-worker and if you do unintentionally, always apologize.

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