Here’s how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the high humidity in your area

Four Easy-Peasy Ways To Fight Off Humidity, Pronto! 


Four Easy-Peasy Ways To Fight Off Humidity, Pronto! 

The most awaited season of the year also brings with it an endless series of problems starting from frizzy hair to smelly feet. Where we look forward to long drives with our better half, what we absolutely dread is the humidity that the season brings with it.

Someone rightly said- its’ all about self-care. Here’s how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle despite the high humidity in your area:


1. Hair

Monsoon arrives every year at the same time, then why are we always unprepared when it comes? Our poor hair suffers the worst of it. All of a sudden, it’s bed-head 24X7! The frizz gets out of control and your hair is just not the same anymore. You avoid going to parties and start making braids and buns out of it. But there’s so much that can be done.

Solution: Leave-in hair creams are the answer to it all. They work wonders when it comes to controlling frizz. They smoothen your hair and bring it to its original silky texture. Styling becomes much easier after applying a leave-in cream to your hair. And the best part? It stays all day. Shampooing your hair too often can also strip it off its natural oils. So we suggest you to use mild shampoos that do not contain Sulphates.  


2. Skin

We all hate those dread humid days. Not only do they make us feel more tired, but the effects they have on our skin are ridiculous. Humid weather is a contributing factor to oily skin and breakouts. Humidity causes you to sweat and when you do, natural oils get clogged on your skin resulting in breakouts. You must therefore tweak your skincare routine a bit in order for your skin to get back to normal.

Solution: On drier days, you go for creams and facial cleansers that help hydrate your skin and keep it moisturized. However, this won’t work on humid days. Products that help you cleanse excess oils from your skin are most suitable at this time. Applying micellar water to your face every morning and night works like a charm in keeping your skin healthy. Say hello to fabulous skin this monsoon!


3. Health and Hygiene- Bacteria thrives in warm, dark and moist spaces and monsoon therefore accompanies with it a list of hygiene problems. From books to your clothes, humidity affects everything. Drying of clothes is quite a daunting task due to constant downpour. When your clothes do not dry because of high moisture levels in the atmosphere, they tend to attract fungus and other bacteria. Wearing moist clothes in turn cause skin infections.

Solution: Whenever you wash your clothes, make sure they are completely dry before you fold and put them away. A better solution to this is getting laundry done using a local service nearby. If you’re having trouble finding a reliable laundry service, you can try UClean which is currently India’s largest chain of laundry stores. They even provide you pick and drop services free of cost. If you wish to avail laundry services regularly, UClean provides you several packages according to your requirements. This will help you maintain hygiene during monsoon and honestly it’ll be one less thing to do in your daily routine.


4. Feet

Monsoon brings with it the infamous stinky feet and especially if you wear shoes at work. Does it bother your significant other or your family? No one wants to deal with the embarrassment of smelly feet. But the problem isn’t your feet, but your footwear. When your feet have no breathing space, the sweat that hasn’t gotten a chance to evaporate begins to smell.

Solution: Buying shoes that contain well-breathable features is a sure-shot way to rid your feet of that stinky smell. However, if your job requires you to wear a certain type of shoes, you can always have them cleaned at your nearest drycleaners. UClean has outlets all across the country so it should be comparatively easier to find them. You can even install their app and make the entire process easier.

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