5 Things to Do Before Going on A Vacation

Five Things to Do Before Going on A Vacation!


Five Things to Do Before Going on A Vacation!

Summertime is here and you are definitely planning a vacation with your friends and family. No matter with whom you go with, it is important to ensure a smooth journey and carefree travel.


Planning for a vacation can be very tiring as there are a lot of things to be done, and it’s not unusual for you to forget some important things (remember how you always feel you are missing something important as soon as you step outside the house?). And so, we made a list of some very important things (read indispensable) to do before going on a vacation.


Hit pause to all your subscriptions


Make sure you stop/pause all your subscriptions and any other weekly or daily services; else you will be greeted by a bunch of unwanted newspapers and magazines on your doorstep when you come back.


Contact your credit card company


Contact your credit card company before leaving and let them know that you are travelling and so you might use your credit card a bit more freely than usual. This will ensure that they don’t block your cards or refuse your payments, believing it to be a suspicious activity.


Launder your clothes


How many times you’ve planned on wearing a nice outfit only to find out at the end moment that it still has a stain from that last party? You do not want to wear dirty and smelly clothes while you are out and the vacay planning won’t give you any time to launder your own clothes. Laundry services in India like UClean provide express laundry services- delivery within a day- at affordable prices.

Get rid of the spare key


If you have any spare key outside your house like under the mat, or inside a flower pot, then it is the time to take it back inside the house because you don’t want anyone to snoop around your precious house while you are gone.


Clean your fridge


Take out all the perishables from your fridge like milk, vegetables, fruits, last night’s leftovers etc so you are not greeted by nasty smells when you come back home.


Add these points to your to-do list before you leave and no one can stop you from having a terrific vacation!

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