Five Signs you are the Monica Geller of Your Group!


Five Signs you are the Monica Geller of Your Group!

Are you a passionate FRIENDS fan and willing to acquire the character of any of your favorite person to whom you admire. Well, here we have 5 signs that will let you know whether you are the Monica Geller of your group or not.


You are always the hostess


Are you the perfect hostess? If you take good care of your friends and are almost like their mother who cooks delicious meals for them and brings presents, then there may be a chance that a little bit of Monica lives within you.


Cleaning up and organizing is fun for you


If you are an organized neat freak who executes all the work in an efficient manner with bedsheet corners tucked neatly, towels divided into 11 categories according to their use, and a shelf for trivial things like a needle or maybe a ribbon, and you are freakishly clean in general, you may be a bit Monica!


You are competitive and hate losing


If you don’t like giving up and have the winning spirit to fight against all odds and stand your ground, even if there is no competition, then you definitely have traces of Monica Geller in you. ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win’ sort of a mentality paired with unbarred competitive spirit is a true characteristic of anybody even a little Monica


You’re passionate about your job


If you love your job, in spite of people telling you otherwise, you can work through the night and it still wouldn’t tire you, you may be passionate about your job! So much so, that even if it is literally playing with fire, you will burn your fingers a little but not quit, you may have a little bit of Monica in you.


You’re really good at taking charge


If you take charge of your life and stick through all the responsibilities, you may have the essence of Monica. Taking charge of anything is easy but fulfilling it with full dedication is difficult, especially with quality.


If these are things that you do on a daily basis happily, where is your Chandler because you may be Monica!

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