5 Lifestyle Trends That'll Make it Big in 2019

Five Lifestyle Trends That will Make it Big in 2019!


Five Lifestyle Trends That will Make it Big in 2019!

Another year has begun for us all and it seems it is going to be more of simplifying things and doing things in a better and efficient way. Yes, of course, technological advancements will also play a very crucial role in this. Here are 5 trends that will make big in 2019:


1.    Nap Rooms in Offices:


Offices nowadays seem to be functioning 24X7; people are seen working in different shifts that might disturb their sleep cycle. Offices having nap rooms can be a great help because even a power nap can help in bringing up productivity among employees.


2.    Virtual Reality Fitness


The development of technology has been such that even the fitness industry is adapting to it. Today, you have a thousand apps only for the purpose of fitness. Talk about apps that remind you to drink water, apps that’ll lay out a work-out routine for you based on your BMI. It’s becoming easier to replace gyms with every passing day.


3.    Home Automation


A home automation system typically connects controlled devices to a central hub and brings all product control to one touch. You can control everything: heating and cooling systems, lights, electrical outlets, appliances, windows, doors, surveillance cameras, locks and much more.


4.    Laundry Services


In our everyday hectic work schedule, we don’t get time to do laundry our clothes. Well, this is something that is definitely making it big this year. With people becoming busier with each passing day, and work-life balance in a mess, having a laundry service at your beck and call could come in handy. Services like UClean that provide free picks ups and drops to their customers with an array of pocket friendly services are increasingly preferred by the residents.


5.    Dynamic and Creative Rooms for small spaces


With an ever-growing population and shortage of living area per person, flexible living seems like the only solution. Small living spaces have become a great ongoing lifestyle trend and this is will increase more in 2019. Fitting everything in the little space creatively is the trend, be it the furniture or walk-in closet or the beds.

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