Drycleaning vs laundry

Dry-cleaning or Laundry: How To Choose Between The Two?


Dry-cleaning or Laundry: How To Choose Between The Two?

Dry-clean and laundry-the two options that have always made people go in a fix as to what to choose for their clothes. After all, who likes their clothes being damaged due to careless washing? While there are most of the clothes that can be cleaned with simple laundry, there are some which need dry-cleaning. 


Now, the question arises that how to choose between the two? If you are uncertain about the cleaning treatment for your clothes, look for the care label on your outfits to decide how your clothes should be cleaned. Clothes that can only be dry-cleaned will have a “Do Not Wash” symbol printed on their labels. 


Dry cleaning process is carried out with a chemical solvent to rinse the clothes while the laundry method is involves washing clothes with water as a solvent. There are some fabrics that are most likely to dry-clean that include silk, wool, velvet etc. and some materials such as curtains, carpets, etc. 


It becomes difficult to fit heavy clothes into a washing machine and dry them afterwards so dry-cleaning seems to be the best way to clean heavy and very large clothes or materials. 


Having said this, there are many dry-cleaning and laundry washing services who knows what is best for your clothes and fabrics. They know the best cleaning methods for your fabrics and companies like UClean allows you to give your delicate materials for laundry too. So, it is not always necessary to give your heavy or delicate clothes for dry-cleaning, as UClean can launder those clothes for you in the best way possible with its cost-effective services.  


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