5 Crafty Ways Vendors Try To Fool You

Crafty Ways Vendors Try To Fool You!


Crafty Ways Vendors Try To Fool You!

Went out to buy a bag, came home with 10! Sounds familiar? It isn’t uncommon to overspend and in fact, it has happened to most of us at least once. A shopping spree is totally allowed but not when it is unintended. Similarly, have you ever been fooled by vendors only to realize it after you’ve made the purchase? You, my friend, are not alone. We’re talking about fighting deceitful ways that the vendors have learned from years of expertise.

Here’s how they do it:


Tricking the modernity snob


Ever wondered how mobile companies run their business? Let’s ponder about this for a second. The customers of mobile companies are tech-enthusiasts, which means that this group wants to own the most advanced models making them modernity snobs.  In addition to this, the company purposefully makes products with a high depreciation rate, so even when you do not intend to buy the newest model, you end up doing exactly what they want.


Hiding important information


Transparency in process has never been a strong suite of retailers. Concealing information about products and services is easy. Did you know that almost every shampoo contains detergent? But of course they are not direct about this information and use technical jargon instead. They write ‘sodium Laureth Sulphate’.

However, there are several others who are as transparent about their process as it gets. UClean Select, a premium laundry service in Defence Colony, New Delhi, offers their customers to watch the entire dry-cleaning process from a deluxe lounge they have made especially for this. No secrets!


“No side effects, sir!”


Highlighting a side-effect generally makes the customer choose other products over the said company product. Now, there’s one-in-a-hundred chance that a customer has a side effect. This is often used by retailers to their benefit. Whenever such complaints crop up, the customer is offered full compensation. Basically the company gets out of it easily which further encourages it to deceive people more freely.




Haven’t you ever melted from a salesman’s/ saleswoman’s ;) words? Companies actively try this approach to lead people into buying their product and sometimes even more of the same product. Well, it is the 21st century and people don’t send you sweet smiles across the room for no reason.


Unrealistic claims


Lightening dark skin (we have no idea why so many Indians are obsessed with this idea) or making you look thinner; we have all fallen into the traps where we have used a specific product for a specific problem, only to find out later that it is just like the rest of them.


The user will never again buy the same fairness cream. Many successful small businesses thrive purely on their service or product quality with little or no deceitful marketing to speak of. What truly clicks to the common man is quality and word-of-mouth

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