Are men better at doing laundry than women?

Are men better at doing laundry than women?


Are men better at doing laundry than women?

In spite of all the advances women have towards equality, they still do more house work than men. Women are an all rounder as we all know, they excel in every field they are given. But well, there is one field where the men might well exceptionally perform and that is when it comes to doing laundry. Laundry is not a work that everyone likes to do or enjoys doing on the weekend.


An epic change is taking place in Indian homes these days which is that men are doing laundry!


According to a survey done on laundry, out of 2,000 male and female consumers, 67% of men ageing between 18 to 34 said they are mainly responsible for their laundry. With men doing the whole of laundry work, advancement in technology can help men perform laundry even much better and focus more on themselves. What if you have a plan to go to gym? Or have to buy groceries or vegetables? But, laundry is a must! Well, don’t worry there is something that might help you!


With the growing needs and technology, comes UClean which is the first organized chain of laundry and home cleaning stores. They provide many services according to the needs and requirements of the consumers and also have a DIY culture which is very trending these days. UClean takes care of A-Z things related to your clothes from washing to drying to ironing. Now this is something that men needed!


So, now they can drop by to UClean stores for laundry services while they go to gym or for buying groceries. What’s more good is that they can even do it themselves if they want to, with the best soaps and detergents. So what are you men waiting for? Head onto an UClean store today!

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