An Easy Guide to get Holi-Ready

An Easy Guide to get Holi-Ready


An Easy Guide to get Holi-Ready

And the festival of colors is here again! With Holi around the corner, we are sure people must be delighted and are already prepping for the fun filled festival. But with all the fun, there comes a question of how to protect your skin from toxic colors? So, to make your plans a bit smoother, we are here to guide you on how to be Holi-Ready and enjoy the festival without any hassle

Follow these easy tips and let nothing stop you from enjoying your festival to the fullest.

  • Play with natural colors - Herbal colors are available in the market and it is suggested to use only herbal and home-made colors for Holi. The use of toxic colors will affect your skin and it may lead to skin rashes and other issues. So, let the festival of joy be as joyful as it can be for you and use only herbal or home-made colors

  • Apply moisturizer before going out - Apply a good quality moisturizer on your skin and oil your hair properly before you step out. It will help in washing out the colors easily and your skin will be protected too.

  • Wash your hands every time you touch food - Every time you touch food with color-filled hands, the color particles tend to remain in the food which make it unhygienic to consume. It is advisable to cover your food properly and wash your hands before having those yummy ghevar.

  • Protect your eyes - Eyes are most vulnerable during Holi and it is extremely important to protect your eyes from those colors. You can use a sunglass to avoid getting the colors in the eyes and close your eyes when someone approaches you to apply colors.

  • Keep your Clothes Safe - The most important aspect of Holi is your clothes - What to wear and what not! Well, this time around, you will have nothing to worry, as whatever you wear, UClean has got your back. Just do a simple few clicks booking, and let us take care of your clothes post-Holi

Be safe and may the festival of colors make your lives all red and pink! Have a #BefikarHoli with UClean!

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